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Definition Beauty UK offer a diverse range of hair services to suit every hair need. We help you create the look you desire whether its with our luxury glueless wigs, weaves, or hair extensions we've got you sis!

We offer a versatile range of hair extensions services that allow for endless options.


Individual strand microlinks method 

In place of glue, tape, and thread, silicone beads known as microlinks, microbeads, or micro rings are used to connect extensions to natural hair. The iTip method, uses small portions of 1/4 to 1/2 inch of your natural hair which is inserted inside of the microbead with a special loop tool, then individual strand extensions with a keratin tip are joined together through the bead and the bead closed to secure the extension.

No braids are used and your natural hair is left out. This method is a great way to be versatile, add volume and length. It makes it easier to achieve a look and gives you more access to your own hair for maintenance. Depending on the volume you want, application takes three hours.

Every eight weeks, maintenance or a refit is advised.
125 threads in a half head 150–200 strands per full head

Weft method

Braided Weave Wefts

This method is installed by braiding your natural hair secure to your scalp to create a flat base. Weft extensions are then secured to the braids with thread and styled as desired. We specialise in leave out weaves.


Lace closure Weave 

This install is similar to the braided weave method with the difference being all of your hair is braided down and a lace closure is used to mimic a natural hairline and parting. This is a very unique protective style if you want a natural look with no hair left out.

Hidden Bead Wefts

Installed by creating a braid-like track out of minuscule microbeads and sectioning your natural hair from ear to ear. The wefted hair extensions are then stitched to the beads to attach them. The beads then appear hidden so that your hair can be styled without the beads being seen.

LA Weave (Braidless) Method

Installed with by using small copper beads that are placed along a section of your hair, creating a braidless base/row of micro beads. Hair extension wefts are then sewn using thread onto to the beads. 


Tape-ins method

Tapes in extensions are semi- permanent hair extension consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab that is attached to the hair. The tape is coated in medical-grade adhesive that allows it to hold securly to the your natural hair when applied. When installed they should lie flat against the scalp and should be virtually undetectable in the hair. Tape ins have been said to be the most versatile extensions offered today.

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